Spotlight Awards

Spotlight Awards : Silver winner For Garden of Eden Event

Client ask us to make it different so We spent almost a whole month in Planning & R&D. After a month client & all the guest was amazed by seeing this heavenly Garden of Eden. by winning this award i can say our efforts paid-off in a big way.

Spotlight Awards

Spotlight Awards : Silver winner For Wedding Blossoms.

What more does one need for a fine dining experience? Influenced by the seasons, vibrant coloured flowers are complimented within a beautiful patio of wooden rustic elements. we are so happy that our season theme is getting this much of appreciation from everyone 

Eventsthan FOREM

Forem 2018 : Gold Winner and we became the Best Floral Agency in Rajasthan.

we started with a dream To become no 1 in Event industry and after achieving "Best Floral Agency" Award, I can say we are on the right path.

Fragrance Decor

If you would like to feature Fragrance Flowers Experience in an article online, you are free to use lo-res images of our work on your website or blog. You must use proper project and image credits. Please send an email to and provide a link to the featured article.
If you would like hi-res images to feature our work in a book, magazine, or other print media, please email  or phone us at + 9928351037, to request information. We ask that you properly credit each project, and send us a printed copy of the book, magazine, or newspaper in the mail for our use.

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